Roden School Council Priorities for 2013/2014:

At the last Council meeting the following was identified and agreed upon as the priorities for this year’s Council. They will guide in deciding how to focus our energy as a group.

1. Creating opportunities to increase parent communication and engagement
2. Improving students’ safety and health
3. Supporting opportunities to enrich school curriculum

Join Us for Roden Movie Night!

Roden Council Fundraising Committee Presents:
Friday November 29th
Doors open at 6pm and movie starts at 6:30pm
Admission $2 per person
VIP LOUNGE raffle ticket: $1 each
Food and Beverage available for sale.
Grab your blankets, pillows and come out and support us!

Never Been to Movie Night? You’re Missing Out!

Enjoy a family night out in a cozy, kid-friendly environment, socialize with parents and watch your kids interact with their friends, all for just a few dollars! Worried your littlest one won’t sit through the whole movie? Don’t be – they won’t be the only ones!

BONUS! You don’t need to make dinner. It’s made for you at a reasonable price.

Call for Classroom Reps!

Roden School Council has established a group of classroom representatives as part of its effort to engage parents and build community. Class Reps play an important role in improving the lines of communication within the classroom and school, thereby having a positive effect on our children and the school community.

We’re looking for a parent to represent each class to act as the liaison between parents, classrooms and the school council. Possible duties of the Classroom Reps include:
– Sharing ideas and concerns from parents to the School Council through the Volunteer Coordinator and providing council information feedback to parents
– Helping share information about school events and volunteer opportunities for the classroom
– Coordinating a classroom email/contact list to facilitate the sharing of information with parents
– Helping welcome new parents to the community

To find out more or to sign up to be your child’s classroom rep, contact Your Connection to School

A reminder that the website was developed to keep your family connected to school.
Here’s what you’ll find here:
• Important dates for school (Picture day, report cards, PA days)
• School newsletters (Wondering if you missed one? Check the Backpack tab)
• Ways YOU can help (Can you spare some potatoes for Breakfast Club?)
• School council meeting minutes
• TDSB committee updates
• Lunch ideas from other parents (Share your lunch secrets too please!)

For this month only, you will be receiving a printed version of our emailed newsletter along with a magnet to remind you to check the website regularly. If there’s specific information you’d like to see on the site, by all means, tell us ( After all, the website is for you!

Remember, to sign up for the monthly newsletter, click on the link “Signup for the newsletter” in the sidebar to the right and then follow the instructions.

What’s In Your Lunch Box?

We’re all desperate for new and healthy lunchbox ideas that our kids might actually eat, so please SHARE YOUR BEST ONES with us and we’ll share them with everyone!

Email your healthy snack and lunch ideas to or jot down your idea and drop it in the School Council mailbox, located in the office.

Find fresh lunch box ideas online at!

Sports, Clubs and Teams

There are a number of sports, clubs and teams that are currently running, including:
Read UP Club – Tuesdays (3:30 – 4:30 pm) (Library – all are welcome)
Karate Kids – Mondays and Wednesdays at lunch (this fee based program started earlier this term and sign up was necesary)
Eco Clubs – Bi monthly at lunch (Primary Club – Anne-Marie McGonigle and Philip Pace) (Junior/Intermediate Club – Armaity Homavazir and Denise Chan)
Boys Volleyball (Grade 5 – Roden) (Tony Poon)
Boys Volleyball (Grade 3 – Roden/Equinox) (Fridays 3:30 – 4:15 pm)(Tony Poon)
Girls Basketball (Gr. 7/8 – Roden/Equinox) (Kyle Punch and Doug Mighton)
Ukelele Club (Kathryn Montgomery)
Indoor Soccer (Roden/Equinox) (Mondays and Thursdays) (3:30 – 4:30 pm)

Upcoming teams include:
Girls Volleyball (Grade 6) (Frances Watson)
Girls Volleyball (Grade 5) (Tony Poon)

There is also a large bulletin board installed outside the gym doors for sports, clubs and teams information, schedules and updates.

Please contact the teacher listed beside each activity for more information about participating.

TV Monitors At School

You may have noticed TV monitors installed in the school entrance foyer. These will be used for things such as showcasing student work and class activities, promoting school events and council events, sharing safety and security notices and more. They’ll go a long way to fulfilling the priority of communicating and engaging the school community, as well as help us to reduce paper use and posters.

School Council Notice Board

Our new Notice Board has been ordered and it will soon make its debut, in the windows beside the main entrance to the school. This prominent location will make it easy for parents to see what’s happening at school without having to go inside.

We’re Fundraising to Benefit Our Students

Here are two easy ways you can help

Visit and to participate in our
On-line Magazine and Gift Card Sale!

We are pleased to present Roden’s On-line Fundraising Program!


QSP allows you to renew your favourite subscriptions while earning our school approximately $10.00 profit with each order. You might also find a new subscription to try, or purchase a gift to give to a friend in Canada! Browse through the catalogue at WWW.QSP.CA, go to “Just Shopping” and enter our code 9210.

Fundscrip allows you to buy gift cards for some of your favourite retailers while earning our school 3 to 7% commission with each order. And it’s not just for gifts. You can buy your weekly groceries, or purchase anything from a dinner out, to clothing! Browse through the 180 retailers on their website at WWW.FUNDSCRIP.COM then click “Sign Up” . Don’t forget our invitation code QUFWHQ.