Escape to the Tropics

Roden School Council’s Second Annual February Dance

Join us Friday February 28th from 6pm to 8pm in the gym.
Includes LIVE DJ, Souvenirs, Photo Booth, Door Prizes
Food for sale: Pizza, Baked Goods, South Asian Buffet
All Food Halal

For more information:

The Roden Book Swap is Coming Soon!

1. BRING YOUR BOOKS 8:45 – 9:00 a.m. Monday, March 3, Tuesday, March 4 and Wednesday, March 5 (max. 5 books)

2. CHOOSE “NEW TO YOU” BOOKS Thursday, March 6 (same number that you brought in)


Learn more about the Roden Book Swap. Want to help? Contact for more information.

Parenting Workshop – Tuesday March 4th

Roden parent council invites you to our second parenting workshop of the year, titled “Raising Sexually Healthy Children.” The free workshop is offered in English and Urdu/Hindi by facilitators Joanne Gallagher and Farzana Yusuf from the East End Health Centre. Learn about the sexual development of children from birth to 12 years of age, and how to answer your children’s questions about sexually. Join us Tuesday, March 4th in the library from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Refreshments will be served. Childcare and pizza for the kids in the gym.

Sports and Clubs:

The following is a list of all Sports activities and clubs that are run either before or after school or at lunch time.

Read Up Club at 3:30 – 5:30 pm on Tuesdays in theLibrary
Eco-Mentoring Club – Big Brothers and Big Sisters at 3:30 – 4:45 pm on Tuesdays in the Gym

Boys Volleyball – Gr. 3 at 3:30 to 4:15 pm on Fridays; contact Mr. Poon for more information
Co-Ed Volleyball – Gr. 6 at 8:20 – 9:00 am on Mondays and Wednesdays; contact Mr. Poon for more information
Tennis Club – Gr. 2 at 8:20 – 9:00 am on Thursday; contact Mr. Poon for more information
Badminton – Gr. 4 at 8:20 – 9:00 am on Fridays; contact Mr. Poon for more information
Boys Volleyball – Gr. 3 at 3:30 – 4:15 pm on Fridays; contact Mr. Poon for more information

Coming Soon: Track and Field; contact Mr. Poon for more information

Indoor Soccer at 3:30 – 4:30 pm on Mondays and Thursdays in the Gym
Primary Floor Hockey League (Gr. 2/3) at 12:10-12:40 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays; contact Mr. Parker for more information
Junior Floor Hockey League runs Jan/Feb at 12:15-12:45 pm; contact Mr. Poon for more information
Intermediate Floor Hockey League at 12:15-12:45 pm on Fridays

Roden Homework Club (Grades 1 – 8) at 3:30 – 4:30 pm on Wednesdays in Area 32 contact Ms.Uzma Ansari for more information
Boys Comic Book Club at 12:10 pm on Wednesdays; contact Ms. Pulver for more information
Ukelele Club at lunch on Fridays; contact Ms. Montgomery

Sandwiches Are Boring!

By Tawnya Hallman, Healthy Kids Committee Chair

Your kid likes everything you put inside their sandwich, so why does it still get brought home uneaten? Could it be that they’re just tired of eating the same thing everyday? I know what you’re going to say: “But my kid will only eat 5 things!” I hear you.

My solution is to give our son the food he likes, presented in different ways. Of course, my main goal is to try and get him to eat something healthy but also, it needs to be easy and fast for me to pack.

Try these alternative presentation styles to the classic bread-filling-bread lunch using the foods you know your kid will like:

Bento Box style:

Shish Kebab style:

Stegosaurus style:

Class Reps in full force!

Our class reps got off to a great start last fall, coordinating upcoming events and teacher gifts. Looking ahead to spring, they are thinking about classroom fundraisers and ways to support projects in areas such as art, math and science.

Do you know who YOUR Class Rep is?

JSKA Ms. Mighton – Fiona Carver
JSKB Ms. Morris – Jason Kenemy
JSKC Ms. Revoredo – Suzanne Carmichael
JSKD Miss. Vacrinos – Erica Watson
GR1 Ms. Lumley – Megan Bannon
GR1 Ms. McGonigle – Angelie Kim
GR1/2 Ms. Robichaud – Saba Ferdinands
GR2/3A Ms. Kelly – Mayuri Vega
GR2/3B Mr. Donovan – Jen Harris
GR3 Ms. Chan – Connie Kuipers

We’re still looking for reps for Grades 4-8! If you’re missing communications from your Class Rep, contact to get signed up.

ESL Conversation Circle At Roden

Roden Public School is proud to be hosting a free, weekly conversation circle. Suzanne Carmichael is an experienced ESL teacher and parent at Roden and wanted to start the group in order to give ESL adults an opportunity to practice their English. It began on February 6, and to date, it’s been a great success. TDSB’s Model Schools For Inner Cities generously funds the program.

For more information on Model Schools go to:

Each week Suzanne starts the conversation based on a new theme, although she said inevitably it always ends with a discussion about food and this cold winter!

Parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends from the community are welcome to attend. So please, help spread the word to anyone who might be interested in joining the circle.

Drop in on Thursday’s from 9:00 – 10:30 AM
Roden Public School, 1st floor conference room
Children are welcome and snacks are provided.

School Council By-Laws

One of the items the Council looked into this year was establishing a set of By-laws to help guide the council in operating and making decisions. To establish our by-laws, we looked to TDSB reference materials as well as investigating By-laws at other schools. You can find a copy of our By-laws here.