Fun Fair Thank you


Thank you for coming out and supporting your school these last 3 events. Due to your participation we were able to raise over $8500 over the last three school events alone. Our school Fair was the largest in the last 6 years, and earned over $7000 – almost twice that of the year before.

A big part of this success was the number of volunteers who came forward to take personal responsibility for certain events. My motto this year has been “Ask not what Roden Fundraising can do for the you, but what you can do for Roden Fundraising.” And several dynamic people took that to heart, asking whether they could run the bouncy castle, the games, the auction table.

First, though, – Thank you to all of you Whether you baked, or schlepped, or talked up the events, wrangled your uncle or neighbours into contributing, dropped off a cheque, or bought 60 tickets at the fun fair. Thank you for caring. Truly, truly, no effort was too small, or unappreciated.

Thank you to the hoards of parent volunteers, and of STUDENT volunteers. Thank you Grade 8s, who now move onto other pastures; thank you grade 7s and 6s, I hope we see you again next year; thank you returning grade 9 (and beyond) students, for remembering us and coming back year after year.

Thank you TEACHERS! Who have given of their time, and their (and their students) talents. Thank you Mr Lam and Mr Mighton, thank you Ms Montgomery and Mr Parker and Louise, who conscripted volunteers, and helped with audio equipment, and leant their artistic expertise. And thank you to the custodial staff who clean up after our hijinks.

A personal thank you to the following volunteers of the last 3 events, who volunteered repeatedly, or who took on their own projects that leant to the overall success of our Fundraising Events:

Adrienne,Charlotte,Nadia,Tanya, Angelie, Melissa H., Renee, Natalie, Guillermo, Georgia, Eileen, Suzanne, Connie, Denise, Saba, Julie , Bogdan, Sarah, and Angela

Thank you to the moms of the South Asian Community for the Buffet and Henna!

And to anyone I forgot! Know that it is due to lack of brain cells, not gratitude. Thank you.

This is also a year of good-byes. We are bidding goodbye to dynamic duo Charlotte and Adrienne. Charlotte and Adrienne were the force behind Movie Nights and Bake Sales, Breakfast Club and Staff Appreciation events. They were the founders of the fundraising committee, from when “Committee” was just 2-4 women and the funds raised had dropped to near zero. They have given many good years to the school – more than we had any right to expect. And we say goodbye to me as the Chair,’though I won’t be straying far.

Looking forward, I picture the role of the Fundraising Chair as a touch point for many other committees – a School Fair Committee, a Movie Night Committee, a Bake Sale Committee, a School Dance Committee. You get the idea. It keeps fundraising from being the domain of a few people. “Ask not what Roden Fundraising can do for the you, but what you can do for Roden Fundraising.” If you have one passion, and can see yourself organising that one event with your friends, that’s all the commitment you have to make! (I would love to see a school play…nudge, nudge, actor parents.) And if you can see yourself in the role of Fundraising Chair, I can speak for how rewarding it is. There are no rules. You can make it what you want it to be.

Have a wonderful summer, everyone.

Schenandoah Wilson
Erstwhile Fundraising Chair, Roden School Council

Thank you to our Sponsors and Donors


The incredible success of our Fun Fair and Silent Auction was possible due to the generous support of our sponsors and donors. A BIG thank you from the Roden School community for your continued support.

Sponsors/Donors of 2014 Silent Auction and Fun Fair:

Art Gallery of Ontario
Angelie Kim and Gregory Campbell
Belinda Blyth (sponsored Bouncy Castle)
Brickyard Grounds
Canadian Opera Company
DeSantos Martial Arts
Eko Jewellery
Elizabeth Kim
Hannah Bang
Heather Athanasiou
Home Hardware
Irene Kim
John and Nadia Smid
Karate Kids
Kathleen Meek
Kellie Johnson
Lance and Brenda Van der Kolk, realtors (sponsored Cotton Candy and Sno Cones)
Leslieville Cheese Market, Queen St East location
Louise Granahan
Malcolm and Ann Marie Campbell
Mark Lasso
Mercedes Lee
Natalie Das
Rowe Farms
Starbucks/Dianne Persaud-Abrahams
Stephen Recker and Loraine Bairstow
Steve Heidebrecht, Greenside Renovations
Swag Sisters (sponsored Ice Cream)
Tanya Yeung and Ray Tsang
Tim Machin and his band, The Pacifiers
The Carver Twins (Fiona and Sarah) (sponsored Water Ballon game)
Toronto Zoo
Zero Gravity Circus

Fun Fair Photos

“The best fun fair ever”, that’s what the kids all said!

Here are a few photos of the event.
The ever popular Bouncy Castle sponsored by Belinda Blyth:

Singalong Tim and the Pacifiers provided entertainment:

Brenda and Lance Van der Kolk working at the SnoCone and Cotton Candy machines which they sponsored:


Jimmy the Clown at work:
Jimmy the clown

Items from our popular auction:



Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation


Most of you are probably aware that Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation aimed at reducing the “spam” type emails is about to come into force on July 1. To ensure that we comply with this new law we will require your “express” consent again to continue sending you the Roden School Council newsletters. We will be sending you a separate email in the next little while to ensure that we are compliant with this new regulation.

Friday – Roden Fun Fair and Silent Auction


Look forward to seeing you at the Fun Fair this Friday in the school yard from 4pm to 7pm!

This year we will have a “bouncy castle” and lots of fun games. Invite your friends and neighbours and come our to support our school.

Attached is an updated list of items up for bid in the Silent Auction.

Please also check our Facebook pages for additional information.

Facebook group:

Fun Fair event:

Play Day


Get the sunscreen, water bottles and hats ready!

Thursday, June 19th is the Roden Play Day.

Tuesday, June 24th is the Kindergarten Play Day.

FREE Workshop: Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Please join us Wednesday, June 18 in the Roden/Equinox library for this FREE workshop funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education – Parents Reaching Out Grant.

Childcare is available – please RSVP to

6:00pm – 6:30pm – Sign in, light refreshments, childcare drop off in the gym
6:30pm – 8:30pm – Workshop facilitated by Integra

Walk a Mile in My Shoes
Walk a Mile in My Shoes is an experiential workshop that is designed to give participants an understanding of what it is like to have learning disabilities (LDs).
Participants engage in a series of exercises that simulate problems with memory, decoding words, or reading facial expressions. Through these exercises, participants gain knowledge about current thinking in the field of LDs and a practical understanding of the implications for everyday life and mental health. Group discussion, led by a skilled facilitator, helps participants to integrate experiences with practical strategies and ideas for how to help.

It will help participants:
• Understand the emotional, social and behavioural impact of learning disabilities.
• Experience the challenges of having a learning disability
• Understand the overall impact of learning disabilities
• Identify effective strategies and approaches
• Understand terminology used to examine Learning Disabilities
• Empathise with what it’s like to have a learning disability

Integra is an accredited Children’s Mental Health Centre specializing in treating the social/emotional needs of children and youth with learning disabilities (LDs). A leader in the field of learning disabilities and children’s mental health, Integra offers innovative clinical services, including individual, group and family therapy, a residential summer camp, community consultation and professional training, and research.