Two Movies: One Night!

Roden Movie Night Poster Colour (Both)

Roden School Council is once again hosting movie night on Friday, November 28. This time we’re showing two movies with the goal of giving senior students a chance to enjoy this fun event.

Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and Pirate Fairy (rated G and recommended for junior students) will start at 6:30 p.m. Maleficent (rated PG and recommended for senior students) will start at 6:45 p.m. This is a guideline and ultimately parents and caregivers should decide which movie is appropriate for their own child.

A parents’ lounge is a new addition to movie night too. It will be located at the back of the gym so that parents can socialize, albeit quietly, through the movie without disturbing movie-watchers.

As usual, we’ll have food: hot dogs, pizza, samosas and baked goods along with popcorn and drinks. NOTE: There is no food or drink allowed in the library
so please come early enough to eat in the gym ahead of time.

We’re looking forward to seeing more families out!

Ramping Up School Spirit


Our Walkathon was a huge success, not only because of the amount of money we raised to enrich our students’ education through arts, culture and sport, but also because it sparked plenty of school spirit! The cheers we heard in the gym when the final total was announced was amazing to hear and we promise to continue to help build on that spirit through the activities we run as a council.

As such, we are adding a new component to the Winter Concert (Thursday, December 11 at 7 p.m. for those who are wondering when it is!) for classes that are able to participate, in addition to our usual Bake Sale fundraiser: a Roden Gingerbread School Building Contest. We’re hoping that it will be a fun project that will spark friendly competition between classes, offer an outlet for creativity and idea sharing, encourage teamwork and most importantly, drum up some more school spirit! Awards will be handed out for the funniest, most creative, wackiest and the one that shows the most school spirit. They will be on display the night of the winter concert too, where you’ll get a chance to buy a raffle ticket to win one.

In addition, every student, staff member, parent or caregiver is invited to help decorate a paper gingerbread house that council is building near the main lobby by filling in this sentence: ‘Life at Roden is sweet because…’ with their own picture or words. It will be ready for your message by the end of November and will be on display for the month of December.

Walk-a-thon funds now available to teachers!

The school raised over $10,000 last month during the walk-a-thon and teachers now have access to those funds. As part of the “Inspiration” theme, teachers and students have brainstormed ideas on what inspires them to help direct where their class funds should be spent. Funding may be centered around sports, arts and culture and involve things like field trips or enrichment experiences.

Not sure how funds are being used in your child’s class? Just ask your teacher! We’ll also communicate this information in the weeks ahead. It promises to be an exciting winter for the students at Roden P.S.!

LIKE Us On Facebook


If you’re already on Facebook, then please, “LIKE” Roden School Council. It’s an easy way to get keep up with what’s going on at school. We try to post things like:
• Events such as parenting workshops, skate swap, movie night, etc.
• Reminders about photo day, PA days, pizza days, winter concert, etc.
• Photos of school events and class trips
• Volunteer opportunities such as baking, help at events
• Donation requests such as silent auction items
For parents who don’t do drop off or pick up, it’s another chance to stay connected with things happening at school.

Learning Opportunities for Parents

As a “Model” school there are many opportunities open to the Roden School community that it not otherwise available. This is our last year as a “Model” school so take advantage of these opportunities now. To learn more about “Model” Schools click here.

Check out the list below from Duane:

* On November 25th, 2014 we are offering a FREE Volunteer Training for all Parents of Cluster B schools at D.A. Morrison from 5:30 – 8:00 pm ( Free Police checks will be provided )

* The week of December 8th – 12th we are holding free parent trainings in CPR/First Aid, Food Handling, Restorative Justice and Computers / Social Media 101 beginner and Intermediate levels.

We have spaces available for parents of each Cluster B schools to send interested parents, so please share with any parent you think can benefit from any or all of the trainings….

* Also we are offering a Free week long Post- Secondary program for parents interested in finishing or returning to school offered by George Brown Collage from November 24th – 28th. 10:00 am – 2:30 pm.

Transportation, Childcare and dinner / refreshments will be provided for all trainings / workshops.

If you want to register or have any question please feel free to call or email Duane Spencer.

Duane Spencer
Community Support Worker
Toronto District School Board

Movie Night- Friday Nov 28th

Roden School Council Presents:
Two great movies!
Pirate Fairy AND Maleficent
Friday November 28th
Doors open at 6pm and movie starts at 6:30pm
Admission $2 per person

Pirate Fairy will screen in the gym as usual and is aimed at K to Gr 3 kids while Maleficent will be screened in the Library and is aimed at Grade 4 to 8.

VIP LOUNGE raffle ticket: $1 each
Food and Beverage available for sale.
Grab your blankets, pillows and come out and support us!

Sport, Clubs and Teams Update

There are many extra-curricular activities happening at the school. Check out how your kids could become involved!

Grade 7 Boys Volleyball: Monday at 3:30pm, Wednesday and Friday at 8:10am; Contact: Mr. Poon and Mr. Mighton
Grade 4/5 Boys Volleyball: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8:10am; Contact: Mr. Poon and Mr. Donovan
Grade 7/8 Indoor Soccer: Tuesdays (Sep 30, 2014 to Apr 14, 2015); Contact: Mr. Lam
All grades, Beep Club: Tuesdays at morning recess; Contact: Mr. Poon
Grade 3 and 4 Ukelele Club:Tuesdays at lunch; Contact: Ms. Montgomery
Photography Club: Mondays at lunch; Contact: Ms. Homavazir and Ms. Horvath
Grade 3 Math Club: Tuesday and Thursday at lunch in Area 40; Ms. Dernjenenko and Mr. Walters
Karate Kids: Grade 1 and 2 on Tuesdays at lunch and Grades 3 to 5 on Wednesdays at lunch
Kingergarten to Grade 3 Read Up Club: Tuesdays after school (3:30 to 4:30pm) in the Library
Grade 4 and 5 Rainbow Loom Club: Tuesdays at 11:50 to 12:25pm (Oct. 17 – Dec.16, 2014) Area 45: Contact: Mme Stavrakos & Ms. Chan

Coming soon: Lego Club and Basketball