Promises Auction Almost Here!

Some great things up for bid with the Promises Auction 2017! Be sure to check out what’s available starting Dec 4 ( ). And if you can make a promise to auction off (Babysitting, Gift Wrapping, whatever you are good at!), there is still time. Please contact to help out 🙂

School Improvement Plan

Roden Staff has completed their School Improvement plan for 2018. Please feel free to download the DOC file, have a look, and communicate any questions or concerns you have to and we will be sure to pass your comments on to the Principal. You may also contact her directly if you would prefer. Click to download … Read moreSchool Improvement Plan

Roden School Council Meeting

You’re invited to join us for the next School Council Meeting on Thursday November 23 at 7:20pm with the Principals report for both schools and then the Roden meeting starting at 7:40pm in the Library. All are welcome.

NEW Roden/Equinox School Lunch Program – It’s Recyclable!

Did you know Roden/Equinox’s NEW Kids Lunch Program uses recyclable packaging, including the cutlery? Roden/Equinox students participating in this new Kids Lunch Program are kindly asked to recycle their packaging either in the bins located outside the Breakfast Room during lunch break OR to bring them home and recycle them there. The Kids Lunch Program … Read moreNEW Roden/Equinox School Lunch Program – It’s Recyclable!