Council Roles

The nature of School Council and the roles within it vary from school to school and year to year. To a great extent, the roles are what you make them and depend on the people who take them on and the time you have available. Here are a few ideas of what has been done before. There are years when one person does everything and years when each of the roles is shared.

Chair(s) (10+ hours/month)

  • Schedule and lead council meetings and assist in coordinating Council activities and initiatives
  • Liaise with the school administration team regarding priorities, events, and other issues
  • Liaise with the TDSB Trustee, attend forums, or delegate

Treasurer (5 hours/month)

  • Liaise with school administration to manage Council finances
  • Complete monthly finance reports for Council meetings and for the TDSB’s annual report
  • Ensure finances are allocated as determined by Council vote

Secretary (5 hours/month)

  • Keep minutes of each meeting; post agendas and minutes for each meeting; obtain Council approval of minutes; organize refreshments, translation, and caregiving for Council meetings

Communications Lead (10 hours/month)

  • Ensure all events and Council activities are publicized
  • Manage social media accounts with frequent and current updates
  • Prepare monthly contribution to school newsletter in coordination with school administration

School Improvement and Equity Lead (10 hours/month)

  • Liaise with school admin, staff and community on school improvement requests and goals.
  • Contribute to the School Improvement Plan (SIP) with school admin.
  • Lead grant application completion to facilitate opportunities to support equity and inclusivity across the school community

Fundraising Lead (10 hours/month)

  • Organize fundraising events in consultation with the school admin and council
  • Establish a committee to assist with fundraising events and activities

General Member (voting)

  • Requested to attend all meetings throughout the year
  • Encouraged to step up and lead events, Council initiatives, and committees
  • Help spread the word and recruit volunteers for Council activities
  • Requires a nomination prior to the first meeting of the year

Community Member (non-voting)

  • Encouraged to attend all meetings throughout the year
  • Participate in planning discussions during and between meetings
  • Help spread the word and recruit volunteers for Council activities
  • Does NOT require a nomination

Council Volunteer (non-voting)

  • Encouraged to attend meetings throughout the year when schedule permits
  • Dedicate time and effort toward specific events (e.g., clothing swap, movie nights, funfair)
  • Does NOT require a nomination