Council Roles

The nature of School Council and the roles within it vary from school to school and year to year. To a great extent, the roles are what you make them and depend on the people who take them on and the time you have available. Here are a few ideas of what has been done before. There are years when one person does everything and years when each of the roles is shared.

Chair/s (10+ hours / month)

  • Lead regular Council meetings, including setting agenda by email in advance.
  • Liaise with Principal and School staff regarding events, fundraising priorities and other issues.
  • Liaise with TDSB Trustee annually. Useful to attend her forums a few times per year.
  • Co-ordinate with Equinox Council regarding joint priorities and activities
  • Co-ordinate Council activities and recruit volunteers to run everything. (Anything from a few hours per month upwards depending on how much you delegate!)
  • Respond to email, Facebook and in-person queries from parents and community members.

Treasurer (5 hours/month):

  • Liaise with school office staff to manage Council finances
  • Arrange float before and counting and deposits after, each Council fundraiser
  • Complete monthly finance reports for Council meetings and Annual report for TDSB.
  • Ensure finances are allocated as determined by Council vote.

Secretary (5 hours/month):

  • Publicise meetings
  • Prepare minutes of each meeting, obtain Council approval then advertise online.

Fundraising Lead (5 hours/month)

  • Recruit and Co-ordinate teams leading each event
  • Liaise with Council and Treasurer to ensure fundraising targets are met if possible.

Communications Lead (10 hours/month)

  • Ensure all events and Council activities are publicised as appropriate
  • Run Facebook feed with frequent posts throughout the month
  • Prepare and distribute monthly newsletters

General Members:

  • Attend all meetings throughout the year.
  • Help spread the word and recruit volunteers for Council activities.
  • General members often take on one or more specific events or responsibilities of Council. The amount of time an event takes varies wildly and responsibilities can be divided between several members. (a few hours for the Dance-a-thon, >100 hours for the Funfair). Non-event responsibilities include managing our Facebook feed, photocopying and putting up posters, representing Council at staff allocation meetings, and many more.