Roden School Council Mandate

As Roden School Council, we will strive:

  • To build Community. We recognize we have a unique and diverse student body and surrounding community. Our purpose is to recognize that all students, families and caregivers have an equitable voice here within our council, and we are here to listen to those voices and advocate for them as needed.
  • To promote equity, inclusivity, and fairness within our school community, to ensure that each and every student has what they need to reach their academic and social potential.
  • To create a forum for communication with Roden Public School Administration, the Toronto District School Board and the Ministry of Education. By facilitating council meetings and regular points of contact with school staff, we open the doors to communication where we can discuss and listen to one another over issues of concern.
  • To encourage improvements of student wellbeing and achievement, and their families, through planned activities, workshops and other initiatives that complement their public education.
  • To be a resource for all school families where possible, to further create local connections and resources, and offer support where needed.