1. No parents/guardians are permitted in the school yard at anytime. All students across all grades (JK-8) are to be dropped-off and picked-up at their designated school gate entrance. Please keep social distanced between families. It is highly recommend students wear their masks when arriving at school because social distancing outside during these high traffic periods may be challenging.

2. Parents/guardians must complete a home screening EVERY DAY prior to arriving at school. There is a TDSB app available for use. Staff will confirm that you have completed the screening before permitting your child to enter the school yard. Your child’s teacher will conduct a SECOND screening directly with your child. Any child with COVID19 like symptoms may be sent home by the teacher. Save yourself the trip and DO NOT bring your child to school if they have any COVID19 symptoms because they may be sent home.

3. If your child is late for school, they may not enter the school yard or building until a staff member has completed a screening assessment first.

4. All students (JK-8) are required to wear a mask when indoors and some periods while outdoors like during drop-off and pick-up. It is highly recommended students bring several masks with them to school so they may change them throughout the day, such as after recess/lunch breaks. It is also recommended students have a safe place to store used-masks, such as a breathable fanny pack. Limited masks are available for any student who may require one.

5. The FREE daily school breakfast and snack programs are currently on hold. The school lunch program is also on hold. Please be sure to pack your child healthy meals/snacks for the school day. Roden/Equinox is a litter less school building. That means anything you send to school with your child will be sent home. Keep that in mind when packing things like yogurt or other wet foods. If they are not in a resealable container, these wet foods will leak.

6. Although hand sanitizer and hand washing stations are available at the school, it doesn’t hurt to send you child with their own hand sanitizer as well.

7. If your child is leaving school for lunch, they will be required to complete another COVID19 screening process with staff prior to re-entering the school yard/building. It is recommended students remain at school for lunch.

8. All students are required to maintain physical distancing (i.e. 6′ distance) anytime they are outside without their masks. Cohorts will play and learn within their limited designated space for healthy and safety reasons. Cohorts will rotate daily between different defined play areas. For example, one day Cohort A will be able to use the playground, but the next day it will be Cohort B.

9. Dress your kids appropriately for the weather. Students may be spending long periods learning and playing in all types of weather conditions, including sun, rain, snow, cold, etc. If your family needs assistance with outdoor attire, please contact the school front office directly.

10. Students may NOT drink directly from the water fountains. All students are expected to bring their own water bottles. Water fountains may only be used to refill water bottles. School sinks will be used as hand washing stations only.

11. For heath and safety reasons, TDSB no longer permits parent volunteers nor field trips at schools.

12. Lastly, please remember to be kind and patient as we all support one another through this unusual time.

DISCLAIMER: This summary has been put together based on our reading of all the information coming out of TDSB. It is as accurate as we can make it, but you should do your own due diligence on the latest information before relying on it.

School Council is made up of volunteers from the parent community, together with students and staff. We represent the parent community and consult on issues like safety, staffing and extra provision such as the proposed new hot lunch program. Council is committed to improving equity in the school, building every student’s sense of community and fostering ties outside of Roden. We host free events like Toy / Clothing Swaps and Parenting / Mental Health workshops. Fundraising events are always designed to build community, but the money we raise has additional benefits to our students. This year, Council donations include: Tech / Literacy supplies, Cultural enrichment performances, Grade 8 residential trip, transportation to sports events, Staff appreciation event, Lice checks, Breakfast Club / Snack program, Read Up club.