Candy Grams on Sale

Holiday candy-grams are on sale after school this week (Dec 11 to 15) from 3:15-3:45pm by grade 8 students. They are fundraising for their end of the year camp trip. Send a candy-gram to a student, friend or staff member. 1 for $2 or 3 for $5. Thanks on behalf of the grade 8s for your support.

Promises Auction Almost Here!

Some great things up for bid with the Promises Auction 2017! Be sure to check out what’s available starting Dec 4 ( ). And if you can make a promise to auction off (Babysitting, Gift Wrapping, whatever you are good at!), there is still time. Please contact to help out 🙂

Roden School Council Meeting

You’re invited to join us for the next School Council Meeting on Thursday November 23 at 7:20pm with the Principals report for both schools and then the Roden meeting starting at 7:40pm in the Library. All are welcome.

What’s the price of your time?!

In previous years, Roden School Council has run a major fundraiser in the Fall, asking parents and families to sponsor students and also to donate your time and energies in volunteering to run the activities. In 2016, over $11,000 was raised towards equipment for the Maker Space in the Library, which is used by students at all levels, including our fantastic 3D printer.

This year, we are introducing a Direct Donation Program – no need to volunteer your time for this one! – to continue your support towards educational enrichment for our students.

Our goal this year is to raise funds for Kindergarten / Primary Literacy and Intermediate / Senior Technology equipment. Money raised will benefit all Roden students, this year and beyond. We are suggesting a donation of $25, but please give what you can; even small donations add up.

A donation mailout will be in student backpacks soon, but if you can’t wait you and Roden friends and family anywhere in the world can help support your child’s education by using the information below to support our school.

1. Visit
2. Towards the top right, click on ‘ITEMS’
3. Just beneath ITEMS, click ‘Make a Donation’
4.Complete the donation form, selecting the ‘FUND DESTINATION’ as Roden Public School.
IMPORTANT: In the box called ‘Message to School Board’ state that funds are intended for ‘School Council Direct Donation’ in order that your donation is properly allocated.
5. Click ‘Add to cart’ and complete the checkout process.
6. Donations over $25 will be eligible for a tax receipt

Cash or cheques can also be handed to teachers or the school office, but we are offering the opportunity to give money online

And if you’re still keen to Volunteer your time and energy, don’t worry – we’ll have plenty of chances for you to help out later in the year, or let us know what you can do for our Promises Auction