Winners of the 2024 Read-a-Thon!

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2024 Roden Read-a-Thon! We had a total of 99 participants, all of whom read for 70,543 minutes. That’s 1,176 hours (49 days) of reading.

Winning class for the most minutes read: Ms. Barnett’s Grade 2 class (Area 31) with 9,744 minutes, for more than 160 hours (almost 7 days) reading. This was an increase of 35% over last year’s winning class.

Winning class for the greatest percentage of participants: Ms. Robichaud’s Grade 3 class, with 11 participants out of 20 students. These students read for 8, 602 minutes (just over 143 hours, for a total of almost 6 days of reading).

Both classes win a pizza party on the day of their choosing. Parents/caregivers will be kept in the loop.

Individual winners by grade:

JK: Phoebe K.
SK: Hazel K.
Grade 1: Malcolm Y.
Grade 2: Jenny
Grade 3: Lorcan D.S.D
Grade 4: Silas W.
Grade 5: Ashur G.
Grade 6: Isa
Grade 7: Sam C.
Grade 8: Nolan S.

Literacy bingo: 

For the first time this year, we did a literacy bingo game and we were thrilled with how many kids opted in. All participants were entered into a draw and three winners were chosen:

Nash W. (Ms.Robichaud / Grade 3)
Tiffany: *Mr.Nivan / Grade 6
Sapphire D. (Ms.Revoredo / SK)

Individual winners and bingo winners will each receive a $20 gift card to Swag Sisters Toy Store (JK to Grade 3) or Queen Books (Grades 4 to 8). Thank you to all the students who participated and the teachers and caregivers who supported them.

Have a great week and keep reading!