In-Person Learning

Class sizes at Roden will be capped as follows (note there may be temporary exceptions or changes, especially in the first few weeks): JK/SK classes 27, Grade 1 to 3 classes 20, Grade 4 to 8 classes 27.

Students will remain with their class cohort throughout the day, including recess and lunch. They will be supervised by their Homeroom teacher, and visited in their classroom by specialised teachers (eg Music, French, etc) to receive the full curriculum.

Large group activities, such as assemblies, are not permitted.

Outdoor time / learning will be increased. Students should be sent into school with the necessary outerwear to make this safe and comfortable.

ALL students and staff are required to wear a mask or face covering indoors. Exceptions for special (eg medical) reasons should be obtained from the Principal in advance. Opportunities to remove masks will be provided throughout the day (eg through outdoor play).

Physical distancing will be practised where possible, but Toronto Public Health has said “Physical distancing must not compromise supervision or a child’s safety, emotional or psychological well-being.”

If you are unable to provide a mask, a limited number will be available in school.

Every morning, students at Roden and Equinox will start the day in outdoor areas, set out and labelled around the field. The central area will be available for teachers to book for outdoor learning. You can find your child’s area below and help them learn where it is ready for their first day back. (If you haven’t heard your class assignment, please call the office on Monday.)

Classes are as follows. Student numbers comply with the Covid-19 class caps and are subject to change.

Ms Berton JK/SK Area 11 (21 students)
Ms Barnett JK/SK Area 17 (21 students)
Ms Gilks JK/SK Area 13 (22 students)
Ms Vacrinos JK/SK Area 14 (22 students)
Ms Jeganathan Gr1/2 Area 28 (20 students)
Ms Cappadocia Gr1/2 Area 29 (20 students)
Ms Bigioni Gr1/2 Area 22 (20 students)
Mr Castle Gr1/2 Area 31 (20 students)
Ms Kozelj Gr 3 Area 19 (19 students)
Ms Robichaud Gr 3 Area 18 (19 students)
Ms Campbell Gr4 Area 49 (26 students)
Mr Mattison Gr5 Area 27 (26 students)
Mr Niven Gr5/6 Area 45 (22 students)
Ms Akyea Gr6/7 Area 32 (25 students)
Mr Mighton Gr7 Area 33/34 (25 students)
Mr Lam Gr 8 Area 43/44 (25 students)