We’re Fundraising to Benefit Our Students

Here are two easy ways you can help

Visit www.qsp.ca and www.fundscrip.com to participate in our
On-line Magazine and Gift Card Sale!

We are pleased to present Roden’s On-line Fundraising Program!


QSP allows you to renew your favourite subscriptions while earning our school approximately $10.00 profit with each order. You might also find a new subscription to try, or purchase a gift to give to a friend in Canada! Browse through the catalogue at WWW.QSP.CA, go to “Just Shopping” and enter our code 9210.

Fundscrip allows you to buy gift cards for some of your favourite retailers while earning our school 3 to 7% commission with each order. And it’s not just for gifts. You can buy your weekly groceries, or purchase anything from a dinner out, to clothing! Browse through the 180 retailers on their website at WWW.FUNDSCRIP.COM then click “Sign Up” . Don’t forget our invitation code QUFWHQ.