Class Reps in full force!

Our class reps got off to a great start last fall, coordinating upcoming events and teacher gifts. Looking ahead to spring, they are thinking about classroom fundraisers and ways to support projects in areas such as art, math and science.

Do you know who YOUR Class Rep is?

JSKA Ms. Mighton – Fiona Carver
JSKB Ms. Morris – Jason Kenemy
JSKC Ms. Revoredo – Suzanne Carmichael
JSKD Miss. Vacrinos – Erica Watson
GR1 Ms. Lumley – Megan Bannon
GR1 Ms. McGonigle – Angelie Kim
GR1/2 Ms. Robichaud – Saba Ferdinands
GR2/3A Ms. Kelly – Mayuri Vega
GR2/3B Mr. Donovan – Jen Harris
GR3 Ms. Chan – Connie Kuipers

We’re still looking for reps for Grades 4-8! If you’re missing communications from your Class Rep, contact to get signed up.