Donation to Roden Public School

Roden school council would like to extend its thanks to community sponsor Gurnam Multani for his generous donation to Roden public school last month.

Multani, who owns a number of businesses on Gerrard, including the India Centre which is currently under redevelopment, donated $2,100 to the school this past March. That money has gone towards the school’s snack program, which provides breakfast and snacks to students from both Roden and Equinox schools.
On March 26, Multani hosted a community dinner for Roden families at Skylark restaurant, where he presented the cheque to Roden school representatives.
The donation was secured through the efforts of Michael Yhip, Community Liaison for Roden School Council and Belynda Blyth who work closely with the residents and business community in the area in an effort to foster a more vibrant community.


Pictured that evening, from left, are Chand Kapoor, chair of the Gerrard India Bazaar BIA, Michael Yhip, the Roden community liaison, Andres Athanasiou, project manager of India Center Redevelopment, Guillermo “Will” del Aguila, chair of the Roden School Council, community donors Mr. and Mrs. Multani and Belynda Blythe, co-chair of Gerrard East Community Organization (GECO.)

The story of the donation was also featured in the April 15th issue of the Beach Metro.