FREE Workshop: Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Please join us Wednesday, June 18 in the Roden/Equinox library for this FREE workshop funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education – Parents Reaching Out Grant.

Childcare is available – please RSVP to

6:00pm – 6:30pm – Sign in, light refreshments, childcare drop off in the gym
6:30pm – 8:30pm – Workshop facilitated by Integra

Walk a Mile in My Shoes
Walk a Mile in My Shoes is an experiential workshop that is designed to give participants an understanding of what it is like to have learning disabilities (LDs).
Participants engage in a series of exercises that simulate problems with memory, decoding words, or reading facial expressions. Through these exercises, participants gain knowledge about current thinking in the field of LDs and a practical understanding of the implications for everyday life and mental health. Group discussion, led by a skilled facilitator, helps participants to integrate experiences with practical strategies and ideas for how to help.

It will help participants:
• Understand the emotional, social and behavioural impact of learning disabilities.
• Experience the challenges of having a learning disability
• Understand the overall impact of learning disabilities
• Identify effective strategies and approaches
• Understand terminology used to examine Learning Disabilities
• Empathise with what it’s like to have a learning disability

Integra is an accredited Children’s Mental Health Centre specializing in treating the social/emotional needs of children and youth with learning disabilities (LDs). A leader in the field of learning disabilities and children’s mental health, Integra offers innovative clinical services, including individual, group and family therapy, a residential summer camp, community consultation and professional training, and research.