Cross Country Club

Mr. Poon has started yet another season of the cross country club which begain on Tuesday September 9 and will end on Thursday October 9th.

All students, parents and staff are welcome to participate in this program from Monday to Thursday from 8:25 to 8:45am, except rainy days. This is an excellent opportunity for participants to develop good habits for leading an active lifestyle and increasing their fitness levels. Participants can walk, jog or run around the school block. Staff are stationed at each of the four corners each day to ensure the safety of all runners and offer encouragement. Each participating student will earn ribbons for every ten laps completed.

All students are eligible to represent their school in the cross country team at the district meet during the second week of October at Ashbridges Bay. It is strongly advised that students train regularly for this meet.

Students can sign up for the team with Mr. Poon or Ms. McVean in late September. Please contact Mr. Poon, if you have questions or would like to assist with the program.