School Newsletter

The most recent newsletter (Feb 24, 2015 – Vol.6) to come home from the school can be found in our “Backpack” if you can’t find it in your child’s backpack.

Done Like Dinner

By Mercedes Lee Pro-tip: ALWAYS COOK MORE RICE I got a little caps-locky there because having extra rice has never been a bad thing in my household, and more often than not, is a dinnertime saviour. I could actually probably fill 2 years’ worth of columns with rice recipes alone. Whenever you’re making rice, make … Read moreDone Like Dinner

Measles Letter

A letter from the Public Health Office regarding your child’s immunization status with regards to the MMR immunization was recently sent home by the school. If you missed receiving this letter or misplaced yours, a reference copy is filed the “Backpack” section of our website.