Roden Student Council

Did you know that there is a Roden Student Council?

The Roden Student Council is made up of the following students:

Grade 8
Chris A.
Jacob W.
Jenny Z.

Grade 7
Gabrielle R.
Ian A.

My name is Jacob W. and I am in grade 8. I ran for student council because it’s a fun way to interact and bond with the students of Roden/Equinox and much more. I think student council is important because you are the voice of the students and try to make their ideas come true. Being part of the student council is exciting because you know that it’s not only the students that are counting on you, but your fellow student council members as well. As student council we are a team and in order for a team to work everyone needs to help. I think student council is good for working on your teamwork skills because that’s what makes the student council work.

Hello my name is Ian A. and I am in grade 7. At the beginning of the year, I found out that the grade 7 and 8 classes had a student council. When I was elected onto the student council, I thought to myself, “What can I do to help our school?” For example, I wanted to have fundraisers such as selling fresh popcorn. Fundraising can really help opportunities for our school and make it a fun place to learn for the students of all grades. Thank you so much for reading my letter. I really appreciate it.