Cultural Enrichment Events


This year, a group of School Council members decided it was important to start a sub-committee that would work on arts-focussed cultural enrichment opportunities for the entire school. After working with VP Mr. O’Shaughnessy for the last several months, three cultural events have been organized that will benefit the entire student body. The first event, a musical presentation called “Fiesta and Carnival” will occur on April 21. This will be followed on May 11 and 12 with performances from The National Ballet of Canada, and on May 26 with a theatrical presentation of the fairy tale classic, Peter Pan.

These three cultural experiences are being entirely funded by the Roden School Council with funds raised from events such as movie nights. With the continued support of the Roden School Council and the parent community, the Cultural Enrichment Committee looks forward to bringing a full year’s worth of cultural events and performances to the Roden student body during the next academic year.