Promises Auction



Bidding closes Friday December 9 at 11 PM

You won’t want to miss our first ever Promises Auction. Go on, check it out

for yourself here:

Thanks to the the fantastic generosity of our parent and neighbourhood community, we’ve received 35 great items in our online auction, worth almost $5000. Many of the Lots could be of interest to the wider community, in Toronto and beyond, so please consider sharing the link above with family, friends and neighbours.

You could use the suggested text below, or personalise it with a few favourites!

“[Son/daughter]’s school is holding an online auction to raise funds for enrichment opportunities and support programs for all students. Some of the items are specific to our neighbourhood, but plenty aren’t, so we’d love it if you could take a look at the link below. Bids close at 11pm Friday night.