NEW Roden/Equinox School Lunch Program – It’s Recyclable!

Did you know Roden/Equinox’s NEW Kids Lunch Program uses recyclable packaging, including the cutlery?

Roden/Equinox students participating in this new Kids Lunch Program are kindly asked to recycle their packaging either in the bins located outside the Breakfast Room during lunch break OR to bring them home and recycle them there. The Kids Lunch Program will collect the bins located outside the Breakfast Room at the end of the lunch break and recycle the packaging that is collected.

Please take the time to remind your children participating in this program to recycle their packaging and to not throw it out in the garbage.

To learn more about this lunch program or to register, please visit the Kids Lunch Program website. Our school code to register is RE58. This service runs every Tuesday and Thursday. Orders should be placed a minimum of two-days prior to delivery days. For example, order by Sunday for Tuesday’s lunch program.