On the Move

Some of you might have heard rumours about planned changes to the layout of our main floor. One of the Equinox Kindergarten classes has been based upstairs, away from the rest of the FDK classrooms, and with a long unsupervised walk to a washroom. During their outdoor time, they have left belongings and equipment just inside the Library.
To improve that class’s situation, the school is planning to move things around. This work is likely to take place during the summer break, which will minimise disruption and tie in with the replacement of the flooring for the rest of the ground floor.
Stakeholders from each area have been consulted in coming up with this plan, and no significant functionality will be lost.
Planned changes:
The Kindergarten class will move into Area [16], currently the Parenting and Family Literacy Centre, sharing washrooms and other facilities with the classes nextdoor.
The Parenting and Family Literacy Centre will move into the East part of the Library (closest to the windows overlooking the Equinox outdoor Kindergarten area), which will be partitioned off from the rest of the Library to control noise. Access will be through the Breakfast Club room, which will also provide indoor stroller parking and washroom facilities for the Centre.
The Library will reclaim the area currently borrowed by the Kindergarten class.