Roden Council Family BBQ

Ring in summer and join us for a year end BBQ at the school on Friday June 21.  A variety of items will be on sale including hamburgers and hotdogs and a South East Asian buffet.  Check our website for updates.  If you have ideas or would like to get involved, then please email … Read more

April Parent Workshop: PRO Grant

The April Parents’ Evening was a success. We had great community involvement including support from Parks & Recreation, the Gerrard-Ashdale Library, Applegrove and East End Health Centre. We had businesses donating great door prizes and discounted food including Rakia Bar who provided appetizers and The Famous who provided Samosas and Pakoras. Thank you to all … Read more

Model School Parent Academy

Model Schools for Inner Cities Parent Academy FREE  training for parents on a number of different subjects, including Leadership training, CPR/First Aid, Supporting your child with Numeracy plus many, many more. For more details visit or see the PDF about Free Training for Parents.

April Parents’ Evening is THIS Thursday,
April 18th, from 6pm – 8pm

And there are so many reasons to come… Conversation. Come to get to know other Roden parents, grandparents, caregivers, to talk and dream about ideas for our school.  There’s so much to talk about: our Council, our new website and newsletter, our upcoming spring fair, our plans for spending fundraising money, and all your ideas for other new … Read more