April Parents’ Evening is THIS Thursday,
April 18th, from 6pm – 8pm

And there are so many reasons to come…


Come to get to know other Roden parents, grandparents, caregivers, to talk and dream about ideas for our school.  There’s so much to talk about: our Council, our new website and newsletter, our upcoming spring fair, our plans for spending fundraising money, and all your ideas for other new and great things.

Or just come to relax and have some adult conversation with your neighbours and fellow parents.  Come with your partner and make it a date!


Come to meet and connect with community organizations, such as Toronto Parks & Recreation / Fairmount Community Centre, the Gerrard-Ashdale Public Library, and others.


If you aren’t coming for the conversation,  then come for the food!

As well as our signature parent event cheese and fruit plates,  we will have appetizers from RAKIA BAR on Queen St,  served by one of their owners, and samosas and pakoras from The Famous on Gerrard St.

Door Prizes.

And if you still aren’t sure, then come for the door prizes!

We have great door prizes from local business, including GoodLife Fitness, The Film Buff, Ages & Stages Children’s Clothing, Ella Minnow Bookstore, and more.

 Kid’s Party.

Or come for your kids‘ sake!  Children will be partying in the gym, supervised by the beloved Susana and another one of our qualified school supervisory staff. Kids will have snacks of their own and loads of fun together.

And it’s all free! 

An evening of free food, free childcare, door prizes and community connections. Whatever reason is right for you, we hope you’ll come.