Parenting Workshops Continue…

The Parenting Workshops that took place in May were so successful that both the facilitators (Joanne Gallagher and Farzana Yusuf) and participants wanted to continue the conversation. All are welcome, even if you did not attend first workshop.

On Wednesday July 3, 5:30 to 7:30pm, there will be two concurrent sessions, one in English on Sibling Rivalry (and other parenting adventures) and one in Urdu/Hindi about Parenting in Canada (legal and ethical issues). These sessions are being held at the East End Community Health Centre (southeast corner of Coxwell and Queen). Childcare will be provided. For full details on this Workshop please see the Parenting Workshop PDF.

Best one this year!

The End of Year BBQ was a huge success. Thanks to all who supported and enjoyed the BBQ. We managed to raise $3700 in one evening! Schenandoah (Doah) Wilson, Roden School Council Fundraising Chair, says, “It is our most successful fundraiser to date! This is huge news! It shows what can be accomplished when we come together as a school community. “Many hands make light work” as they say, and benefits our school in very tangible ways.” The funds raised through the school council goes back into the school to help purchase equipment (balls and musical instruments), support in class/school programs (Scientists in the School, Drumhand concert and workshop) and class trips.

Flooring Update

Thanks to the hard work and action of the Healthy Building Committee (HBC), we were able to delay the installation of the vinyl tiles.  As of this writing we are waiting on confirmation that we will be allowed to install an eco-friendly alternative to vinyl.  Please check our webite, for updates to this issue throughout the summer.  To become involved or find out more please contact, Pascaline Phillips, Chair of the Healthy Building Committee, at

Join Roden School Council

If you are interested in joining Roden Council 2013/2014 (we need you!), watch for information sent out in September inviting parents to submit nominations and come out to the first meeting.  Voting is only necessary if there are more people than the maximum Council size who are interested.  Interested parents may choose to come with a certain role in mind (i.e., Treasurer; Co-Chair; Secretary) or simply with a willingness to be involved. Council has moved in new ways and tried out new things this year, and we look forward to new members and new voices to bring their enthusiasm, commitment, ideas and vision to the team.

End of Year BBQ – Friday June 21

Join us this coming Friday June 21st for our end of year BBQ. Bring your picnic blanket and get ready to enjoy the many items on sale such as hamburgers, halal hot dogs, pizza, popcorn and the ever popular south asian buffet (halal). Don’t forget the bake sale items which will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Lots of activities such as a Juggling display, hula hoop display, Face Painting, Mehndi, Story Circle, button making and much more. There will be a silent auction and prize draw that includes a teacher/staff skills/service auction, plus many other items like a round of golf at Angus Glen Golf Club, Winner’s gift certificate, Blue Jay tickets, Rowe Farm Gift certificates, gift baskets from Shoppers Drug Mart plus many more items being auctioned. Please note that some activities are free and some will have a fee. All funds raised through this and other School Council activities help to fund various activities, events and resources at the school. Visit the School Council table to find out more about how the Council works and how we support the school.

So join us to celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer.

If you would like to volunteer at this event please contact

DRUMhand – Friday June 21

A late addition to this year’s roster of activities supported by the School Council is a concert and workshop by DRUMhand. All students at the school will be treated to a concert by DRUMhand, a world music percussion band. Earlier in the week the Grades 2, 3 and 6 will have a workshop with the group. Grades 4, 5, 7, and 8 had tabla music workshops already presented to them.

QSP all year long

It might seem a little late to thank you for your support of our Winter Magazine Subscription Promotion, but did you know that we are able to continue to support Roden School through magazine subscriptions year round? By going to – click on “just shopping” – you can access our account by searching by account number 9210, or by school name “Roden”. Magazine subscriptions for titles such as People Magazine, Chickadee, Today’s Parent, and Canadian House and Home (and many more) are available at significant discount, and an average of 30%!!! of your subscription fee is gifted back to Roden Public School. We have raised a record $1114.00 this year. When you are considering your gift purchases we hope that you keep magazine subscriptions and Roden fresh in your mind through the Spring, Summer and Fall months. A belated thanks for your support over the holidays, and for your continued support in the year.

Doah Wilson
Roden School Council Fundraising Chair.

Flooring Concerns/Thank you card campaign

The Healthy Building Committee (a joint Equinox and Roden committee) recently met to discuss our current situation with the flooring at the school. The meeting started with a brief history of Indoor Air Quality at the school since 2009. There have been two air quality tests (neither of which adequately tested areas of concern, particularly the carpets themselves) and a survey (2011) that went out to students/families (Equinox & daycare) and building staff. There were approximately 150 respondents and plenty of anecdotal evidence regarding exacerbation of eczema, asthma, general illnesses, headaches while at school/during the school year.

At present, there is essentially no Board budget for any expenditures. Therefore the ‘Emergency Facilities Budget’ is covering the hallway flooring. The TDSB current standard is vinyl composite tiling (“Excelon”). These are touted as environmentally responsible, being composed of 85% limestone. However, the remaining 15% is PVC and phthalates. Our position is that there is no acceptable level of PVC and phthalates in this school (or anywhere). Vinyl flooring has a shorter lifespan than linoleum/Marmoleum, requires more maintenance (waxing, etc), and is not recyclable/does not break down at the end of its ‘life’.

The Healthy Building Committee is in the process of talking to companies that manufacture Marmoleum to see if we can get either a donation or if they can match the cost of the vinyl flooring (as the installation costs are the same for either one).

Help support the Healthy Building Committee by having your child (or you) write a thank you card to the folks who helped to get our old carpet pulled out. We are hoping that by expressing our thanks and at the same time our concern over replacing the carpet with vinyl, they will see our high level of concern over this matter. Please see attached samples of thank you card 1 and thank you card 2.

For more information on the carpet replacement issues please read the IAQ flooring PDF.

To become involved or find out more please contact, Pascaline Phillips, Chair of the Healthy Building Committee, at