Council By-law changes

Last year the School Council drew up and approved By-laws to guide the Council. The By-laws were created using TDSB criteria. To see our current By-laws click on this link.

At the next School Council Meeting, on Wednesday November 12, the School Council will be voting to amend the By-laws. If you are interested in the amendment process or the specifics of the amendment please join us for the meeting on November 12th.

School Council meets the second Wednesday of every month during the school year. The Roden and Equinox Councils alternate start times and there is a shared overlapping meeting time when Mr. Lasso delivers the Principal’s report to both Councils.

The Roden School Council meeting on Wednesday November 12 is in the Library at 7:20pm (for Principal’s report) and 7:40pm for Roden School Council meeting to start.

Stay tuned for the Agenda for the next meeting…to be posted within the next few days.