Get Involved at Roden!

Roden Council is looking for parent volunteers! Volunteering is a great way to enrich the school life of your child and provide you with an opportunity to meet the other parents.
Volunteering can be as little as an hour commitment and as time-consuming as you’d like – it’s totally up to you!
We are currently looking for people to help with the following jobs:
• Baking
• Selling food/tickets at movie night
• Postering flyers around school
• Photocopying/Data entry
• Finding sponsors for events
• Fun Fair games
• Photographer for various events
• Graphic Design help
• Set up/Clean up at events

If you have any special skills and/or talents that you would like to put to good use – let us know, so we can call on you!
If you are interested in helping to better the Roden community, please email with your name, contact email address and provide any specific volunteer interest. Volunteers will be emailed when specific jobs are needed.

In addition, parent representatives are needed by the School for the following:
Safe school
School Improvement
Please contact Mr. Lasso, our principal, directly for information on the above four volunteer positions.

Your help is very much needed and appreciated!