It’s Your Turn

Fun Fair 4

Since 2014, Roden School Council has run a year-end Fun Fair. Each year has been tremendously successful having raised over $12,000 for our kids and creating an enormous amount of fun and school spirit.
The fairs haven’t been easy to pull off though. In previous years, we’ve relied on the considerable efforts of a small group parents, which has proven to be exhausting and unsustainable.
This is where YOU come in.
Yes, you.
If the Fun Fair is going to happen in June 2016, we need you to volunteer some of your time to make our fair successful and to fill our children with school spirit. Being on the Fun Fair team doesn’t mean long hours or endless meetings. We’re looking for a BIG team of people who can each take on a SMALL task so that together, we can pull off the biggest and best Fun Fair our school has ever seen. It’s such a great way to end the school year and the students love it!
Here’s an idea of roles we’re looking to fill:
* Generating ideas by attending a meeting or two
* Graphic design
* Hanging posters in the neighbourhood
* Promotion on social media & other local media outlets
* Find monetary sponsorship (If we had 10 people find one sponsor we’d be laughing)
* Find vendors for face painting, balloons and other activities
* Food (plan menus, find food sponsors and vendors)
* Find Entertainment
* Equipment rental (bouncy castles, rock climbing wall, etc)
* Games (generating ideas and finding supplies)
* Administrative things (photocoying, data entry, spreadsheet tracking, etc)
* Prizes (generate ideas and find donations)
* General running around (shop basic supplies, pick up prizes, etc)
* Recognition (print certificates and coordinate delivery after the event)
* Recruit volunteers for event day

In many cases, these roles can be split, so partner up with a friend!
We’re counting on YOU.
E-mail us at to confirm your interest in joining the Fun Fair Team OR look for the sign up sheet in the main office.