Lunchtime Changes

This year, we tried a hot lunch program from an external provider. Although those who used the program gave it great reviews, we didn’t have sufficient take-up to sustain the program. Parent Councils from Roden and Equinox are working with Ms Pollock to investigate alternative options for the future. Please look out for more information, together with a survey to gather your input, which was sent out recently.
In the meantime, the school has made some slight changes to when our students eat. Instead of all Grades eating together in the gym, Junior students now eat in the gym during the first 20 minutes while Primary students go outside to play. Then the groups will switch over, before everyone has 10 minutes or so together before classes begin again. Kindergarten arrangements are unchanged.
Early feedback suggests these arrangements are already making lunchtimes a little less chaotic and more enjoyable for both staff and students.