A number of parents and neighbours from Roden and Equinox have expressed concerns about traffic safety, especially during pick-up and drop off times. Many of our older students are particularly vulnerable as they walk to and from school unsupervised. While these issues are not limited to the school community, we would like to remind you that health and safety are everyone’s responsibility.

STOP junctions and restricted left turns along Fairford Avenue are well signed and should always be followed.

Always park as signed. Parking outside designated areas or double parking on the street puts students at risk. There is a school parking lot, located on the south end near Gerrard St. E,. which families may use for free during daytime hours when visiting the school. School Council is seeking an amendment to the parking restrictions on Hiawatha Road to provide additional spaces and we are consulting with Ms Pollock and Mr O’Shaughnessy about opening up a gate from the parking lot to improve access there too.

Please take extra care driving around the school in general – pulling into parking at speed, turning in the road, crosswalks, etc.

Smoking within 20 metres of a children’s playground is illegal, even if you are outside the school gates.

With the exception of service animals, dogs are NOT allowed onto TDSB property. Tying your dog’s leash around your waist or carrying your dog in your arms and then entering school property is still against the law. Please ALWAYS keep your dog outside the clearly marked gated area around the school. If you do not feel comfortable leaving your dog outside the gated area, then please do not bring them with you to school. Be sure to pick up after your pet to help keep our community spaces clean.

Thanks for helping to make our school and its surroundings a safe place for everyone.