What Does Council Do?

School Council is made up entirely of volunteers and always welcomes input from parents and other members of the Roden family. Council’s primary responsibility is to represent the parent community to both the School administration and TDSB. We can act as a conduit to handle your concerns and to pass information to you from the school, like in this website. We also consult on issues like safety (for example, School Council recently pushed for extra barriers at ‘Danger Bay’ behind the gym, which have now been provided by TDSB to improve student safety), staffing (a member of Council attended meetings to give input into the staffing model described in another article) and extra provision (such as current a lunch program investigations).
Council is also committed to improving equity in the school, building every student’s sense of community and fostering ties outside of Roden. This includes running free events like the Toy / Clothing Swaps and Parenting / Mental Health workshops, as well as those that double as fundraisers, and sharing many of these activities with our friends at Equinox.
Of course, Council is also a fundraising body, hosting events and activities throughout the year to improve our school through donations. This year, Council has or will provide funds for all of the following and other things too:
Tech / Literacy supplies, Cultural enrichment performances, Grade 8 trip, transportation, Staff appreciation event, Lice checks, Breakfast Club / Snack program, Read Up club…
If you would like to be involved in Council activities, or are wondering about joining Council next year, join the Volunteers email list to learn about opportunities, come along to a meeting, or contact Jen (chair@roden.ca) for more information. The bigger the team, the lighter the load for everyone.

Look out for more information about all the above in the school’s regular newsletter and on Roden School Council’s Facebook page or at www.roden.ca