Lice Checks

Supported by School Council, the school runs two lice checks each year from the professionals at NitWits in September and around January. If your child is found to have lice, you will be informed on the same day and given information about treatment options. You will also be notified any time a child in your class is found to have lice.

Even if you don’t hear anything from school, it is advisable to check the hair every week or two. Infestations are much more easily treated early, and doing so minimizes the risk of spreading to other students. Shampoos available over the counter at a drugstore will kill live lice, but you will also need to remove the eggs every day or two for two weeks to ensure the infestation is gone.

A number of companies offer a treatment service either at home or at a local clinic. If you choose to use Nitwits’ treatment services, please let them know you are from Roden school as we receive a small rebate for each Roden family treated by them. These rebates go towards lice checks and treatment services for needy families in the school.

Also, if you get a prescription from your doctor, lice medication can be covered under OHIP+!

If your child has live lice, please keep them home from school and inform the office so that others in their class can be informed.

More Information is available here:
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