What Does Council Do?

School Council is made up entirely of volunteers and always welcomes input from parents and other members of the Roden family. Council’s primary responsibility is to represent the parent community to both the School administration and TDSB. We can act as a conduit to handle your concerns and to pass information to you from the … Read moreWhat Does Council Do?


A number of parents and neighbours from Roden and Equinox have expressed concerns about traffic safety, especially during pick-up and drop off times. Many of our older students are particularly vulnerable as they walk to and from school unsupervised. While these issues are not limited to the school community, we would like to remind you … Read moreNEIGHBOURHOOD SAFETY

Lunchtime Changes

This year, we tried a hot lunch program from an external provider. Although those who used the program gave it great reviews, we didn’t have sufficient take-up to sustain the program. Parent Councils from Roden and Equinox are working with Ms Pollock to investigate alternative options for the future. Please look out for more information, … Read moreLunchtime Changes

Performing Arts

Thanks to our fantastic volunteers and generous community, the 2017 Roden Summer Send Off raised enough money to pay for 3 professional performances during this school year. All students have the opportunity to attend during school hours at no cost and feedback from the first two has been extremely positive, with one still ahead! B-Boyizm … Read morePerforming Arts

On the Move

Some of you might have heard rumours about planned changes to the layout of our main floor. One of the Equinox Kindergarten classes has been based upstairs, away from the rest of the FDK classrooms, and with a long unsupervised walk to a washroom. During their outdoor time, they have left belongings and equipment just … Read moreOn the Move